Lawyer Wilhelm


Lawyer Alexander Mathias Wilhelm was born on 04/10/1987 in Munich, Germany. After high school graduation and civil service he studied the law at the University of Augsburg. He then successfully attended legal clerkship at the County Court of Augsburg (Landgericht Augsburg) in the Higher Regional Court of Munich (Oberlandesgericht M√ľnchen) until the end of 2016, serving by choice as clerk in the Prosecutor’s Office (Staatsanwaltschaft) for an extended ammount of time.

Since the year 2017 lawyer Wilhelm works as an attorney in Augsburg. In the year of 2018 he started his own law firm.

Beginning on January 2021 lawyer Wilhelm acts as the legal advisor for the Caritas e. V. for questions about refugees and other people in need of protection. In this position he is responsible for questions from social workers of Caritas e. V. in the governmental districts of Swabia (Schwaben) and parts of Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern) and Middle Franconia (Mittelfranken).

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